Thorpedale, Wilson’s Prom, and Delhuntie Park

Dear all Just a little update on my current situation. Well last friday i flew from Auckland to Melbourne and got into OZ around 65 pm. I managed to scab a free lift into Melbourne city centre where I followed scots instructions [after much texting] and got on a suburban train to Frankston. Scot had […]

Sky Diving

Dear everyone, I did it, I jumped out of a plane and lived to tell the tale. I’ve crossed the Tongariro pass and I’ve climbed Mnt Doom – the one from LOTR. Its been an interesting few days. Thankfully you can see all the photos with thumbnails here. I think they pretty much say everything. […]

Auckland’s Westside

Hellodere [traditional irish greeting] Well today is thursday, well it is for me at any rate and I’ll just fill you in [craig] with whats been cracking off these past few days. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’ve been staying at a friends house in West Auckland [but the decent part of west auckland, west […]


Kids! [well, kids and slightly older kids, and possibly those who have kids, and even those who have kids that have kids. But not goats.] Hello! Erm just updating you with a few dates in ye olde travelling plans. Just a few minor changes…. 1.Remaining stay in Auckland until Friday 26th March, then i fly […]

“Foam is grope city”

Dear all Two successive blogs is pretty good eh? Nice and cheap in Auckland you see. Well i dint go to Dillinger last night, it was a little too pricey and I just never got round to it. Instead me, andy, harm, sophie, dave, adam and fergus went on a 4 pub crawl having a […]

Photos: The States, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, and Fiji

hi there everybody currently i’m in an underground layer. I really strange net cfae which is more like a gaming LAN arena place with just a few oriental people knocking about, playing japenese games and smoking profusely. I’ve done a lot of walking today already. Tried to find teh air singapore and united airlines offices […]