Lago de Atitlan

“Lake Como, it seems to me, touches on the limit of permissibly picturesque, but Atitlán is Como with additional embellishments of several immense volcanoes. It really is too much of a good thing.” Said Aldous Huxley, but then he ended up going all trippy and taking too much mescalin so what does he know? On […]


The Lonely Planet has some quote along the lines of “in the conversation about which city typifies Guatemala, Antigua is definitely not on the list. Its like the Scandinavians have moved in for a couple of years and cleaned the place up”. And you know what, its not wrong. Antigua is some bizarre continental construct […]

Copan Ruinas

So I’d planned to chill in Copan. I figured I’d zoomed through a fair amount of Honduras and after a days traveling to get here I deserved it. There’s some ruins, there’s some trekking, and there’s even a few bars. But one slight hiccup. There’s no water.


The funny thing about Utila, is that its a bit of a black hole. Time just seems to disappear into it. So whilst I remember arriving, and I remember leaving, I’m not entirely sure what happened to all the bits in between. Caye Caulker was taking it easy with Tim and Stu, but Utila brought […]

La Ceiba

White water rafting, 30ft cliff jumps, and an idilic location on the bank of the Rio Cangrejal, the little green book was right when it said that backpackers end up staying here longer than expected. Just 10 km up river from La Ceiba, I stayed at the Jungle River Lodge, the sister hostel to the […]

Belize to Honduras

So how does your fourth successive day on a boat, vomit, dodgy immigration, lots of guns, crazy traffic and a three and a half hour bus journey sound? Sounds like your average journey from Belize to Honduras.

Raggamuffin Sailboat Trip

For the past three days and two nights I have been wearing nothing but my swimming shorts, haven’t seen an ounce freshwater (to clean with), have been sleeping in a tent, and have done a lot of swimming. I was going to try and liken it to Glastonbury, but I see now that apart from […]

Caye Caulker

Pronounced Key Corker (with at least some sort of Caribbean elongation otherwise it’d just be silly), this is slow down central. Life here is slow, slow and chilled, chilled and relaxing. There’s a refreshing on shore breeze which means your don’t get bitten and you don’t break into a sweat just walking around. Tina’s hostel […]

Update: Belize

I’ve been trying to update you all with some photos of our Belizian adventures so far but unfortunately they fail every time when uploading from Firefox 🙁 I’m currently in Caye Caulker in a net cafe charging me more than one pound for every 20 mins! Shocking if you ask me, twas five times as […]

Orange Walk

We arrived in Orange Walk after nightfall which is never advisable since its always harder to orientate yourself in such environments. Nevertheless we managed to book ourselves into a nice room for the three of us at the Akihito Hotel. Despite our long trip over from Mexico we had in fact gained an hour from […]