The Great Escape Festival 2015 Spotify Playlist

It’s that time of the the year again. The Great Escape Festival announced the first 150 artists on their bill and I’ve compiled them into a handy Spotify playlist.

Creating a festival playlist on Spotify using python

The problem: You’re going to a festival with more bands than you could ever hope to see. You need a playlist with songs of all the bands playing so you can decide what to go and see and what to give a miss. The solution: From a list of the artists, query the Spotify Search API […]

Creating a timelapse video using mencoder and ffmpeg on a Mac

The problem: Take 1500 images captured from my Raspberry Pi and turn them into a 1080 HD video suitable for upload to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The solution: Install ffmpeg and/or mencoder and use either tool to from the Terminal on my mac to compile the images into a suitable video format. To install the […]

How to invert hex colour codes

The problem: Invert the colours of a Sublime Text 2 colour theme, so that when I invert the screen on my MacBook the colours are as if they weren’t inverted. The solution: Write a python script that matches the hex colour codes (e.g. #ffffff) in the colour theme configuration file against a regular expression, and […]