TV → Google → Spotify

Its times like just now when I really love the internet. Watched the O2 Cash Manager Advert. Googled for the advert, first hit gives me Opened Spotify and listened to full track featured on the ad, I’ve Got Your Number by Passion Pit. 30 seconds. Done.

Spotify Mix Sets

Spotify is brilliant. They recently launched a mobile service which allows premium subscribers to transfer and listen (offline) to music on their Android phone or iPhone. Well worth £10 a month if you regularly listen to music on an iPod or your mobile phone and ad free listening on your PC/Mac. I will make that […]

Just another night in Clapham

Police corden off a long length of Clapham High Street southbound in the vicinity of a 24 hour chemist where someone was rumoured to have been stabbed. This greeted me outside Clapham North station along with a sign advising extra care with mobile phones and personal belongings as youths in the area had been snatching […]

Get Loaded 2009

This was my favourite photo that I took at Get Loaded this year. You can see the rest on facebook. I also took some videos, some of which I probably won’t upload but the ones of Orbital’s opening number and Chime, I already have done! Fun!