Late I know, but I finally got around to uploading all those large videos and the photos of what was for me, an excellent night. I got to Pangaea nice and early on the Saturday to set up the CDJs in the Twisted Folk Tent which was hosted by non-other than Simon Borkin of Tariff […]

The Long road to Amsterdam

Click to Play This is a collection of videos of the BA Econ Coach A trip to Amsterdam. The ingredients are: 1 case of lager73 students1 funnel and pipeseveral bottles of port1 coach5 litres of pre-mixed vodka lemonade and lime1 coach1 bucket1 kitchen roll1 premature toilet stop The result is as above.

Gideon Conn

Click to Play Gideon Conn live at Pangaea in the Twisted Folk Tent performing Londonderry.

Pablo’s Finest Hour

Below are the two videos I filmed of the Pablo’s Finest Hour set at Pangaea on the twisted fold stage. Keen listeners of The Andrew Jackson Show will realise this is the full band version of Tariff Sessions who played live on the show back in October [the last two tracks on their myspace]. Click […]