EU Plans Launch of BitTorrent Client: P2P-Next

From… The pro-P2P Greens EFA party in the EU parliament made something of a ruckus a few weeks back over the a campaign called “I Wouldn’t Steal.” In January, the Greens had determined that promotions of anti-piracy propaganda had gone too far and were purposely misleading the public as to the facts of peer-to-peer […]

Rilo Kiley vs Los Campesinos!

Okay… Just listening to the Sticking Fingers Into Sockets EP and heard that Los Campesinos! – Frontwards sounds very similar to Rilo Kiley’s Portions For Foxes. Can anyone shed some musical nerdery onto this or is it just coincidence? Listen to Portions For Foxes and Frontwards and let me know what you think. Ah… a […]

Jus†ice, Rock City, Nottingham

Masters at Work Alt+0134 before you ask. So I’d seen the Parisian duo DJ at Sankeys last year and it blew my socks off, as well as left me with some permanent hearing damage. But what would they be like 8 months on in concert, playing their own stuff at a venue usually reserved for […]

My Musical Affiliations

In a desperate bid to look cool I have constructed this diagram to show how I am vaguely connected to various music types in bands ‘and stuff’. Also did you know that Joe of Joe Lean and the JJJ was the weird estranged younger brother from Peep Show?! As well as the drummer for the […]