Union Elections: VOTE

The electoral commission come to town How apt it is that the electoral commission decide to come to town the week of the union elections. But are people more likely to vote in national or regional elections than they are in union elections. Probably not. I think the figure floating about from previous elections is […]

Swizzels Matlow

Right, to cut a long story short: I wrote a letter to Swizzels Matlow confectioners a couple of weeks back as part of a feature for the last show. However unfortunately they didn’t get back to me in time so I just read out the email and the feature flumped [arrrrr confectionary joke!]. However, today […]

A week since the end

It’s been a week now since the very last Andrew Jackson Show. As much I am now enjoying my Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons student radio will be sorely missed and I can only encourage people to get involved and make the most of Fuse FM or your respective student radio stations while you can. […]

Stu’s 22nd Birthday

Just got back from my 24 hour flying trip to Cardiff to celebrate Stu’s Birthday. Generally fun had by all and at last met the legendary Geoff/Jeff. Photos here, and a video and rant of Xpress Radio’s [Cardiff Uni Student Radio Station] launch party here. What do you get if you take a number of […]

Oh to have a Union that cared…

Click to Play Well I went down to Cardiff Uni last Friday night and went to their union night which that day was doubling up as the launch party for Xpress Radio, Cardiff Uni's student radio station. This video just gives you a bried idea of the amount of hype that could surround the launch […]


I can’t quite believe this.I am truly gob smacked.This surely can not be real. Highlighted to me by Vicky Spain who spotted it in a Guardian article, here are some examples of the contrast between the “liberal anti-American” wikipedia and the “pro-Christian pro-American” conservapedia. DinosaursWikipedia“Vertebrate animals that dominated terrestrial ecosystems for over 160m years, first […]

The End of an Era

Well in the words of The Specials this is definetly the dawning of a new era. An era where no longer will my peers and associates me plagued with facebook invites, messages, texts and emails. That can only mean one thing, The Andrew Jackson Show is coming to an end. However, we’re not going out […]

Whisky Cats @ Academy 2

Two gigs were on in the Union building on Friday night; in Academy 3 was Academy Unsigned, a night the hosts of Academy 2 had played only this time two years ago. In that time [and a little more] the Whisky Cats have performed at more than 200 gigs and have released three CDs on […]

Lettuce: Dont do it

The art of the toastie. Something I’ve been working on recently, so if you want my top tips then read on. 1. Don’t put lettuce in it. Today I thought, “oooh I’ll have a ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich… hell no, why not make it a toastie!”. Stop. Lettuce is probably 99% water, like […]