Glastonbury 2010

Wednesday 23 June 6:10 AM Eugh. Early. 9:28 AM Bumped into Hendry at the services. Probably the last i’ll see of her all weekend… 9:51 AM Queueing off the M5, its like glasto of old. 5 hours 10 mins till kick off. 11:56 AM Beer o clock. 12:20 PM Definitely considering sacking off the queue […]

Orbital Live at Glastonbury 2010

Orbital’s live performance of Satan at Glastonbury 2010. Be sure to hang on for the last few minutes as the Hartnoll brothers freshen up the track in a dnb fashion. Fantastic. And of course the green anarchy A flag centre stage (that’s me and my sister waving and raving away). Definitely also worth checking out […]

Borneo Prophecy

This evening I found this photo of Borneo from my Readers Digest atlas. It was taken on the 16 March 2008, a Sunday. Two years later and 12 days later I took this photo on top of Mount Kinabalu, Borneo just after dawn. It was also a Sunday. What a coincidence.

Glastonbury 2010 Preview

So I just realised I’m going to Glastonbury in a weeks time. Its snuck on me like I never thought it could. Before I checked my work diary and seeing those beautiful shaded purple Out Of Office days I though it was a couple of weeks away. To be fair, its been a couple of […]

England vs USA

Jack: “You probably have plans but more than welcome to watch the match at ours later – we have 47″ tv, stadium seating and drinks girls x”

Rage Against The Machine – Testify

The opening number from RATM live @ Finsbury Park for the Ragefactor celebratory gig. Possibly one of the best gigs I have ever been to. The crowd were insane. ; Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), Flash Video (.flv) Tags: ratm, rage against the machine, ragefactor, finsbury park, testify