“Foam is grope city”

Dear all

Two successive blogs is pretty good eh? Nice and cheap in Auckland you see. Well i dint go to Dillinger last night, it was a little too pricey and I just never got round to it. Instead me, andy, harm, sophie, dave, adam and fergus went on a 4 pub crawl having a few beers before going to the Globe bar which is the lub/bar next to my hostel. Managed to scab me and a few of the geezas in for free on my room key [lodgers at Auckland Central Backpackers get in free], even tho they wernt staying at ACB – felt quite chuffed about that 🙂

Anyhow you can see the foam bonanza here and also u can see a video of the action here, remeber tho its a big file.

Gonna go and stay with some friends I met in rarotonga now, i beleive you can read his guestbook entry – hilarious.



P.S. I met a guy called from Fergus and he’s from Scotland although he doesnt realy sound it. In fact he sounds more like Martin Clunes, i keep wanting him to read kipper lines for the comical value but he doesnt seem amused. He is also the fountain of all knowledge, and has come up with lines such as “foam is grope city”. Of course i dont endorse this and i apologise to any relatives, minors or old people who maybe reading this post.

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