DreFest is but is not

Continuing the Heraclitusian theme I am announcing that DreFest both is and is not to happen this Saturday/Sunday. I shall still be in my garden this Saturday with a tent, music, BBQ, bonfire and a barrel of IPA and everyone is more than welcome to join me for a bit of a ‘sesh’. However after […]

Everything is in a state of flux

Apparently this geeza called Heraclitus said that everything is in a state of flux. Everything is always changing and never constant, never the same. You never step in the same river twice an’ all that. I think the greatest evidence that this is true for me has been the developents within social circles of friends […]


Thats it. It is done. I’ve finally finished editing the metadata of the Derby galleries so that they’re all in the right order [all 44 galleries!] and with the right titles etc. Enjoy the site ladies and gents,; if you have any comments by all means leave a comment on a post here in the […]

New Video Section

Well there has barely been 24 hours gone by and andresworld has seen a new development. This is the introduction of a video section. Basically this is just another blog the same as this frontpage and the same as the proper blog page. However this time whenever I go out and take photos with my […]

Andresworld Relaunch

Its here. The new version of andresworld.co.uk has now officially gone live. Everything is almost done. All the photo galleries are up, however the Derby photo galleries still need some editing to get them in the right order with the right titles and descriptions, but that is something I can do remotely and at a […]

How To Make Home Brew

This is an article orginally published in 2000 on the first version of Andresworld.co.uk. It has been posted here for prosperity and as a permanent record before the old site is deleted and the new site goes live. HOW TO MAKE HOME BREW By Andrew Jackson Hi, my name is Andrew Jackson and I am […]

Uni Gallery

Well we’re getting there. Slowly but surely we are getting there. Did I just use the royal ‘we’? #shrugs shoulders# Either way I am slowly transferring the files from the old site to their folders on the new site. That does mean, however, that anyone who doesn’t know to come here will be getting a […]

Travel Galleries

Well this evening I’ve mainly been working on the travel section of the site. First off I decided to back up my travel blog which will now become redundant with the introduction of the my life of travel rss to html script which turns what I write on my life of travel into an updated […]

The World Cup

Well I’d thought I’d start off the pondering with a little World Cup contemplation. The Italians have won it. Seems all a bit unfair to me, they only just scraped through with a dodgy peno against Australia. Ah well so be it. They were asking two ‘top’ sports journos (they were from the Daily Mail; […]

Mission Impossible: Batch Image Resize

Well. At least I’ve finally sorted out my gap year photos. In the end I had to download the entire galleries folder and then run a *.* search, sorting the files by dimension in explorer. I then deleted all the 480×640 files which left me with my troublesome landscape files. Next step was to resize […]