Chichen Itza

It was an early start yesterday for what would prove to be a very long day. Up at 6:30 to shower and finish packing, a quick walk to the ferry dock, a taxi to the bus terminal and then onward to the ancient Mayan ruins of CHICHEN ITZA! I hope I managed to build that […]

Isla Mujeres

A 24 hour day later and a small boat journey the next day, and Tim, Stu and I have arrived in our first location – The Island of Women. The trip getting here was fun and games as you’d imagine. My flight from Newark was delayed, which meant I arrived an hour late into Cancun. […]

The Cecil Chronicles: USA

Throughout my gap year I recorded snippets of audio with an old microphone and my MiniDisc player. Now more than four years on I’ve decided to rectify those sounds clips and give them a permanent record in the digital online world. Why are they called the Cecil Chronicles? Well, for some reason, which I’m sure […]

Andresworld 3.0 Beta

Well really this post should be entitled andresworld 2.9. Nevertheless if you’re reading this post through facebook then you are participating in what I hope will be the third version of andresworld. Unfortunately andresworld has been left pretty redundant since the facebook revolution. Suddenly owning a digital camera and having webspace to put photos on […]

Rockness 2007: Daft Punk – Robot Rock/Oh Yeah

Given that it has been a year since Claudio, Vanessa, Cat and I made our last minute road trip to Inverness for Rockness, I thought I'd finally put together some of the mountain of footage and pictures we took between the four of us. Features live footage from Daft Punk's Sunday performance and some post-match […]

The Great Escape 2008: Day 3

Ida Maria playing on the balcony of the Theatre Royal Day 3 threw us straight into the thick of it with a midday offering of Ida Maria semi-acoustic a top of the Theatre Royal balcony. You’re delegate pass didn’t get you far with this gig – it was a complete freeby. However, having said that […]