MC Andy Fresh and MC Bizmark – Where ya gone?

Hungover? Most of your housemates not around for the weekend? Why not write a song about them, I did. This was supposed to be a classic guitar anthem to rival Coolio Coolio but after firing up the Mac we were far too tempted by the 80s synthy goodness. So here it is: MC Andy Fresh […]

Nialler9’s Electric Picnic Mixtape

In a desperate attempt to try and remain in touch with what’s going on in the world of music I subscribe to the Nialler9 podcast. Nialler9 is a top Irish blogger I came across in my Anablogue days and his monthly podcast keep me abreast of what’s happening and entertain me on a Friday’s commute. […]

Middle American Placards

Some absolute classics here, including: “THANK YOU FOX NEWS FOR KEEPING US INFROMED” “LIBERIALS ARE STEALING MY LIBERTY” Just another example of how ‘socialism’ is a dirty word in the states (as opposed to an acceptable philosophical influence in Europe). From