Chang Mai

Hello Today, I have mostly been riding around on a motorbike engaging in near scrapes and getting sunburnt. This is Shaun [i’m sure its thats spelling….] and Esta, who I have had the pleasure i spending the last couple of days with.


Dear All Well first off I’d just like to point out what a small world it is. In Melbourne I caught up with Vicky and Gemma, two girls who both went to Leeds uni who I met 4/5 weeks earlier in the cook islands. In Sydney I tracked down Ian and Lindsey, [in order to […]


Dear All Righty, I’m in Singapore. And if this isn’t the most mashed up republic of cultures and races then I dont know what is. So far I’ve got here, pansied about the airport and checked into a YMCA. I did fly here tho, on Singapore Airlines – my god they are superb. Own personal […]


Dear all, I’m back in Melbourne again, unfortunately this time without Scot. And its cold. The last few days have been good. On friday i treated myself to a snorkelling and SCUBA trip to the great barrier reef, which was nice. The corals are absaloutely tremendous and the fish and animal life is unbelievable. I […]