BBC 6 Music Top 100 Singles of 2006

The Top 100 Singles of 2006 100: Kasabian – Shoot The Runner99: Wolfmother – Woman98: Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline)97: The View – Superstar Tradesman96: Tapes N Tapes – Insistor95: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – In This Home On Ice94: Take That – Patience93: The Futureheads – Skip To The End92: Justin Timberlake […]

Holly! Your phone!

Click to Play Caught on camera by Miss Teresa Smeaton on 11 February 2006, 21:05:40 Only nine in the evening???? Holly must have been on a mission.

Young Knives Lookalikes

Okay, Now what I thought was going to be a nice and easy “find a photo and see” post has in fact opened up a rather larger and in my point of view unnecessary can of worms. Since I saw The Young Knives at Bier Keller last year in Manchester I’ve always thought that the […]

Tim and The Alphabet

Click to Play Yes I am a bastard. This is the first video of my hallmates pissed [soon to come, Claudio, Kev and Sophie]. Poor old Tim was the first to be caught on camera when he came in bladdered on night. We tried the alphabet backwards and failed and so just resorted to trying […]

Big Brother

Click to Play One day Tim, Claudio [then known as Coolio] and I decided when invited out that we were going to have an early night. What a load of bollocks that turned out to be. Instead we spent till 3 in the morning making this. [sigh] First year halls… Oh… and then there were […]

Animals Do The Funniest Things

Once again another HIGNFY featured clip, once again from Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, but once again well worth the post. [edit] Oh sod it, I just found another one from a couple of months ago. Aside from being a complete evil bastard to our boys on University Challenge he ain’t half funny. And some people […]

Old School Resurrection

After a certain amount of prompting and attempts to avoid writing my essay I have resurrected some old galleries that got lost when andresworld was changed over to its new sexy mature brown guise. Three main galleries of note are German Christmas Markets Trip, Becky’s Party and Glasto 2003. The German Christmas Markets Trip gallery […]

So much money we’ve lost count

Those of us at Manchester Uni can’t have helped but notice that its a bit of a building site at the moment. Its all part of making Manchester one of the best research led institutions in the country. Nevertheless, despite the recent welcoming of Nobel Laureates to the Uni some people still manage to cock […]