So that was summer…

Well I think we’re all agreed that Summer 2007 has been pretty crap. No denying it really but what with the combination of rain, flooding, lack of sun and the massive downer that is graduating [for me at least] it hasn’t been fun. However there have been a couple of notable exceptions. In July I […]

Andy Pandy Life Juice

Many a festival goer faces the age old problem of what to drink. The t-totalers only have to worry about the townies washing their hair in the drinking water taps. The rich [employed] only have to worry about the length of the beer tent queue. But for the hard-up student/recent graduate how one is to […]

The Pink Princess

I saw this black Vauxhall Astra in Sainsbury’s yesterday. It even had pink windscreen wipers and pink stained galvanized steel floor mats.