Muri Lagoon Gentleman’s Club

Dear all, Well, I’m now in Fiji, Nadi to be precise [pronounced Nandi]. I have just spend the last twelve nights in rarotonga which i really enjoyed. There was a great crowd at Varas guesthouse where i stayed and i just generally sank into island life. As you can tell from my previous posts things […]


Dear All Rarotonga is great! Such a lovely contrast from tahiti. Over the last couple of days i’ve been up to a thing or to. When I arrived on sunday it was a bit of a dead day and didnt really do much. Monday I sorted a few things out as I said previously. IN […]

Across the Channel

Dear All Well I’m back in the “Empire” where the keyboard looks a little more familiar. I’m on the cook islands at the mo and I’m already enjoying it more than Tahiti. Moorea was a really nice place to stay maybe even nicer than the cooks. The island had some really cool geography with tall […]


dear all well having just walked several kilometres to get to the police station and have no progress whatsoever i thought i might cool my sweaty body off at this net cafe. Well Moorea is a beautiful island ill give you that, like i say the only problem with it is that it is very […]

French Polynesia

dear all having trouble with french keyboqrd and it is very expensive here, will type more later when i get to cooks, going to leave french polynesia early – this sunday – becos it is tooooooo expensive. pictures will soon follow. bad news tho, first casualty was my sweatshirt in LA airport – was rushed […]


Ladies and Gents, Well miami has its bad points, like cats on leashes, people carrying their dogs around town, poodles with a more expensive [and probably better] haircut than myself, and the fact that everyone talks bloody spansish! However there are a number of pluses. ITS BLUMIN AMAZING!!! I’m getting abuzz from this city which […]

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Tali – ‘Blazin’ (Dillinja Mix)’ (Full Cycle) Fugees – ‘Ready or Not (DJ Zinc Mix)’ (White Label)

Goodbye Tobago

This is it, my last day in Tobago with 3 months [well 80 days] of travelling in front of me. Here are the last few photos from my time here. I am flying to Trinidad tonight and then on to Miami tommorrow morning. I spend a night there then catch a train to LA at […]

Hello World

Hello world [and anyone listening in it] This a new little funky thing that I’ve found that will allow me to post files remotely from a webpage. It means I can keep family and friends updated both visually with photos and communicatively [is that a word] with text. Thats if it works. Keep tuned and […]