Living for the weekend

He lives for the weekend That’s what its all about these days apparently, in the real world [god, I hate that phrase]. So that’s what I’ve been doing… and so has Claudio, evidently. Album cover of the forthcoming Pablo’s Finest Hour EP I don’t know how she does it, it could quite possibly be a […]

Facebook vs Andresworld

I’ve just come across the Massive Photo Uploader facebook app and wheels have started to turn about greater facebook/andresworld integration. And then there’s the plugins you can get for wordpress…

The Great Escape Last FM Player

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Glastonbury Festival 2008: Either very clever or very stupid

So, this is the first year since 1999 that I’m not going to Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts. Why? Well, I fancied a change, something a bit different, something European maybe, and something away from the hoards. Well it may just be the case for the latter at least that Glastonbury 2008 would be a […]

Who the f*cking hell are you!

As the football chant would have it. Given Derby County’s recent performance it’d be quite a justified remark, and not one that can be countered with the usual “We are Derby, super Derby”, but I digress… This post is in fact about facebook. Not sure if anyone has noticed recently but there’s a new “so […]