Toshiba Timesculpture Advert

I had a “I must find out what that music is” moment a month or so ago when I first saw the Toshiba Timescultpure advert. I thought it was pretty good for something just advertising a TV. Of course this was one month BiP – that’s Before iPhone, and I had yet to fully embrace […]

Charlton vs Derby

With the Derby faithful. And possibly the best pre-match tanoy sound track I’ve heard yet. before kick off derby equalize with a penalty, only for charlton to go 2-1 up moments later final score 2-2, derby score a very lucky equalizer in the dying seconds of the game. Entirely undeserved but that’s just Charlton’s luck […]

Us Now: the power of mass collaboration, government and the internet

To quote the Us Now website: In a world in which information is like air, what happens to power? New technologies and a closely related culture of collaboration present radical new models of social organisation. This project brings together leading practitioners and thinkers in this field and asks them to determine the opportunity for government. […]