Auckland’s Westside

Hellodere [traditional irish greeting]

Well today is thursday, well it is for me at any rate and I’ll just fill you in [craig] with whats been cracking off these past few days. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’ve been staying at a friends house in West Auckland [but the decent part of west auckland, west auckland minus the westies. U see.]. They are Mike and Olga. Mike, whos full name is Micheal James Bullock, he’s a Piscese is 29 years old and hobbies include underwater spear fishing and teaching ravens to fly. Olga, whos second name i can neither pronounce, spell or remember, is from Holland. Where abouts in Holland I’m not sure, but currently she is from New Zealand, and has been living in the same house as Mike unbeknownced to him.

Anyhow, its been great staying here. I’ve been able to have lie ins, and not have to conform to those nasty check out by 10am regulations. Good meals, regular access to amenties, like a washing machine [a bright light shines down on the pantry – ooooahhhhhhhhhhhh] and of course excellent company. I’ve been introduced to pies, well NZ pies, which very handily are kept in a warm cupboard in petrol stations at conveniently spaced intervals [the petrol stations not the pies]. I’ve driven over that big bridge, I’ve seen the sky tower although I havent gone up as apparently its not all that. I’ve enjoyed a pint in the harbour on a summers day, I’ve helped out in the garden [dad’d be proud], I’ve seen a couple of movies I missed out on as a result of being in Tobago [Bruce almighty and Four Feathers], I’ve had my monthly dose of computer games, I’ve sorted out my tickets and my airmiles [thank god], and I’ve even had a toothbrush bought for me. But mainly I’ve chilled. And its been nice to have done that, to have a place where you know you can come home to, not have to worry about ure stuff getting knicked, and to always have friends about so u dont feel like a loner.

Next up is the rest of NZ, i have a STRAY pass hopefully leaving tommorrow although that hasnt been confirmed yet. Going to raglan first, hahei, lake taupo, national park [where the LOTR stuff was shot -well some of it], and down to wellington if i’m lucky. If its still showing i’ll see LOTR3 down in teh special theatre in wellington with the big dragon, which’d be nice.

Mainly, i would just like to say a big thankyou to Mike and Olga for putting up with me these past few days, and that if ever they found themselves in my part of the world they are more than welcome to stay with me in Derby or Manchester.



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