The Cecil Chronicles: USA

Throughout my gap year I recorded snippets of audio with an old microphone and my MiniDisc player. Now more than four years on I’ve decided to rectify those sounds clips and give them a permanent record in the digital online world. Why are they called the Cecil Chronicles? Well, for some reason, which I’m sure […]

Chang Mai

Hello Today, I have mostly been riding around on a motorbike engaging in near scrapes and getting sunburnt. This is Shaun [i’m sure its thats spelling….] and Esta, who I have had the pleasure i spending the last couple of days with.


Dear All Well first off I’d just like to point out what a small world it is. In Melbourne I caught up with Vicky and Gemma, two girls who both went to Leeds uni who I met 4/5 weeks earlier in the cook islands. In Sydney I tracked down Ian and Lindsey, [in order to […]


Dear All Righty, I’m in Singapore. And if this isn’t the most mashed up republic of cultures and races then I dont know what is. So far I’ve got here, pansied about the airport and checked into a YMCA. I did fly here tho, on Singapore Airlines – my god they are superb. Own personal […]


Dear all, I’m back in Melbourne again, unfortunately this time without Scot. And its cold. The last few days have been good. On friday i treated myself to a snorkelling and SCUBA trip to the great barrier reef, which was nice. The corals are absaloutely tremendous and the fish and animal life is unbelievable. I […]

Fraser Island, Bargara, Dingo and Airlie Beach

Dear All Well have done Fraser Island now. It was a good trip, although it was only for 2 days and 1 night but then thats because of the oz exp time tabling. It was really cool, saw some wild dingos, swam in some super fresh lakes – inc one which had a pH of […]

Melbourne, Gelantipy, Canberra and Sydney

Dear all, Well the situation has changed recently. Unfortunately the Ford Cortina idea went down the pan. Ironically enough we missed the oportunity to get the car road worthied because we were in Melbourne putting up posters so I could sell my Oz Experience. In the end we realised I couldnt sell it, and I […]