Photos: The States, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, and Fiji

hi there everybody

currently i’m in an underground layer. I really strange net cfae which is more like a gaming LAN arena place with just a few oriental people knocking about, playing japenese games and smoking profusely. I’ve done a lot of walking today already. Tried to find teh air singapore and united airlines offices so i could try and sort out some air miles account but they are closed on a saturday. I didnt realise i could collect air miles, but Air Newzealand and Singapore Airlines – two of the companies i fly with, are part of the Star Alliance network which includes BMI and Lufthansa. I heard that some one had done a pretty similar trip to mine and got a free return to new york with it. Unfortunately i wont be able to clame my miles for London to New York because its too late, but if I get my act together I’ll be able to get the ones frm LA. At the moment I’m just hanging around auckland waiting before i get on my STRAY pass and go around the north island. Auckland is pretty cool, mind you big cities always are when you just spent ages on desolate islands, I feel exactly how i felt when I got into Miami after 5 months in Tobago – just absaloutely buzzing. I got into Auckland around midnight last night but wasnt really out of the aiport until 1am. I got a shuttle into town with some geezas I had met from the NAdi Bay Hotel in Fiji, they are Heather [California], Andy, Dave, Adam and Sophie [daaan saaaaf]. We were walking through city centre aukland trying to find a place to stay at like 2 in teh morning and theres everyone out in teh clubs and the bars, all of whom are lashed and it just felt quite surreal but absaloutely amzing that here I was just strolling through wearing my hiking boots and a 65 litre back pack on my back.

Anyhow as I promised I’ve got some pictures of my travels so far if your interested, the net is cheap and fast here so I’ve been able to upload a fair few.


The view from where I stayed in Miami

Me in Jacksonville my namesake

On the coach to New Orleans [sporting rasta hat]

Me, Taro and George on the coash to New Orleans

Me and Taro in New Orleans [sporting rasta hat and mexican poncho]

Me and the New Orleans Sky Line


Louisiana Swamps

Me in Lafayette, Louisiana

Me and Jahn, with icecreamin the buffet car

Houston at Night

Me in Del Rio, Texas with strange old man

Big ravine thing

Alpine, Texas

Wind Farms California

Wind Farms Video [4 megs, broadband users only]

Union Station, LA

Me and Cameron [the D+B DJ]

LA sign post to sister cities

Union Station, LA

Paula Abdul’s Star

Jonny Depps Star

Steve Mcqueen’s Star

I have many more photos of the stars in Hollywood I just dont have the time to put them up you can have a look by changing the last two digits of the JPG file from 33 to 44.

Tahiti and Moorea

Dawn in Tahiti

Moorea from the ferry

Kitten at Moorea

Helen, Alex and myself having lunch in Moorea

View from my dorm in Moorea

Video of the view from my hostel in Moorea [4 megs, broadband users recomended only]

Shark Feeding in Moorea

Me and Sharks underwater in Moorea

Sharks and fish underwater in Moorea

Underwater sharks video [4 meg files broadband users recommended only]

Me on the boat

Sharktooth Mountain in Moorea

Stingray Feeding

Me enjoying a beer on a motu after frenzied shark and ray feeding

Desert Island

Moorea Skyline


My Dorm at Vara’s

Muri Lagoon from Vara’s

Vara’s Court Yard

Me and Muri Lagoon

Video of Muri Lagoon [4 meg file broadband users recommended only]

Me, Fiona, Gemma and Viki

Jamie, Me, Fiona and Gemma

Jim “ooohhhh Canada!!!!!”

Exploring Raro

Ponies trekking in Raro

Me in the lagoon exploring Raro

Man and Machine

Jamie and his boy

Exploring Raro

Jim, Liz and Di on teh beach

Muri Lagoon Gentlemens Club and “Significant Others”

Give a dog a beer


Extreme Kayaking!!

Everyone from the second week in Raro


The following is a collection of ways to wear a sarong

The Policeman’s Turban

The Pirate

The Card Playing Cowboy

The Camel Riding Bedouin

The Superman

and that ladies and gents is all for now.

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