The Belfries

The Belfries were the first act up at last nights In Like A Lion. I thought I’d test out AudioBoo and its capacity for gig blogging. The output is below and I think pretty good quality. The ability to feed my AudioBoo account into WordPress would be amazing if someone were so inclined to write […]

WordPress for iPhone 1.2

Worpress for the iPhone has released it’s latest update which includes landscape post writing (see picture) so one can be super speedy with two thumbs. It’s almost as exciting as the OS 3 news!

YouTube Sampling

This takes sampling to a new UGC level. Take a dozen or so YouTube clips and mash them up into one amazing funk track. So much is going on here, not only are you hearing an auditory master piece but you’re also witnessing the cuts and loops of the sampled videos as they’re played in […]