Hue, Hanoi and Halong Bay

Dear all, Today [31/8] is our last day in Hanoi before we catch the over night bus from Hanoi to Vientiene in Laos. So what have we been up to since Hoi An. Quite a bit in fact.

Hoi An

Well, After our overnight bus journey we arrived in Hoi An just before 6am on Thursday morning. Throughout the night I’d struggled sleeping a little – having to wake up every 45 minutes or so to remove a dead limb and get the circulation going again. Tim however was a lot worse and found that […]

Nha Trang

We left Saigon on Monday morning for Nha Trang. The bus trip was long and fairly uneventful. It took us around 10 hours in the end including swaps. However, fortunately after about half way the bus emptied quite drastically and we could have two seats each so that I could snooze the rest of the […]

Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City

Ni Ni Ni Ni NINETEEN! Well they’re the first thoughts that come to my head when someone mentions Saigon. We finally managed to leave Sihanoukville after spending an extra day there more than we would have liked because of the flooded roads. We managed to get back to Phnom Penh with no hastles and didnt […]


We are by the seaside! Great! That is unless you suddenly find yourself trapped at the seaside by a tropical storm… We arrived here in Sihanoukville on Saturday via bus from Phnom Penh. We enjoyed some more of Cambodia’s good roads, I don’t think we’ll ever experience the likes of the border crossing again [well… […]

Phnom Penh

So, The capital, Phnom Penh, its actually not that bad. We don’t get hassled as much as we did in Siem Reap, although its not like Battambang where people didn’t even give us a second glance. Its actually quite a stylish city. There are some nice boulevards with fountains and monuments lined with government ministries […]

Riverboat To Battambang

This was an expensive trip but I’m glad we did it. The riverboat went from the river near Siem Reap into the Tonle Sap [the big lake in the middle of Cambodia that was the major source of success of the Khmer Empire] and out down to Battambang along the Sangker river. Unfortunately we were […]

Ankor Wat

Today we went Angkor Wat. We started off the day watching dawn come over Angkor Wat itself and then wen for some breakfast. After breakfast we went to Angkor Thom – a walled off enclosure of almost 10 square km where we saw the Bayon and lots of other temples. Other highlights of the day […]

Siem Reap

Okay, So we got to Siem Reap late on Saturday and so didn’t really think about what to do until the Sunday regarding the temples. In the end Sunday turned into a bit of a mish mash day. We caught a free ride into town from our guesthouse and were dropped of just outside the […]

Thailand to Cambodia

Two days in Bangkok was all we had and probably enough to be honest. On Thursday we went to find some dinner and ended up trekking into the Thai restaurant quarter after a Thai lady told us not to bother in the tourist area. We had almost given up when we took a little detour […]