Thursday at The Great Escape 09

A quick round up of Thursday nights tinnitus inducing musical goodness. The Males – mainly female, managed to catch their last to songs at Horatio’s. It would have been more were it not for the length of Brighton pier. Fanfarlo – The Recommender blog postulated these guys might be the next Arcade Fire. Slow to […]

Delegates Only

The atrium at the Thistle Hotel, we even get free tea and coffee this year, although I’m much more interested in where the man carrying a case of red stripe is going. Initial thoughts: lots of fringe and skinny jeans, and lots of kids with delegate passes – either the super early bird bargain deal […]

Seventeen Hands Tees

As inspired by The Maccabees. From seventeen, to seventeen in one, and finally to one. Fabric paint, spray paint, roller, and stencil card from London Graphics in Putney. Plain white t-shirts for a bargain £4 each from H&M. Latex gloves from your local chemist (yes I got a dodgy look).

Grooveshark – Your browser’s Spotify

Thanks for the heads up from James Cridland. Looks like a good range of music so far, including the new Maccabees album released this week, and my new favourite song Seventeen Hands. I particularly like the ability to export widgets which then allow you to embed songs where ever you like. The widget process allows […]