DJ Peroxide

So I was clearing out my room for the big move down to London and I came across a stack of CD-Rs which I had to choose what to do with. Not having the heart to lob away three years worth of what is effectively a daily sound track to The Andrew Jackson Show, I […]

The Great Escape 2008: Day 2

So after the excesses of the night before its a wonder I managed to get up the following day. Maybe, it was all that kip I caught against that pillar. Today was Talk day, lots of talks, where I could look very interested, maybe even voice an opinion, but because I am no one important […]

The Great Escape 2008: Day 1

So this is the first of my posts rounding up my long weekend at The Great Escape 2008 festival, held from May 15th to May 17th. I don’t profess to be a music blogger (well, actually I do, but not in the conventional guise), so I’ll keep things short and sweet mixing up my post […]


The view from Claudio and Vish’s flat I mean what were our parents doing 9 months ago? Was the summer of 1984 particularly boring for all us lot to be born. Or is it just the season for baby making…. No really, Vish is that short. So the first birthday of many was in fact […]

Living for the weekend

He lives for the weekend That’s what its all about these days apparently, in the real world [god, I hate that phrase]. So that’s what I’ve been doing… and so has Claudio, evidently. Album cover of the forthcoming Pablo’s Finest Hour EP I don’t know how she does it, it could quite possibly be a […]

Jus†ice, Rock City, Nottingham

Masters at Work Alt+0134 before you ask. So I’d seen the Parisian duo DJ at Sankeys last year and it blew my socks off, as well as left me with some permanent hearing damage. But what would they be like 8 months on in concert, playing their own stuff at a venue usually reserved for […]

Back once again…*

Right, I promise (myself mainly) to be a bit more up too date with these updates (its all in the name I suppose). So, what have the past 2-3 months had to offer. Well, as far as updates are concerned its been a dozen weeks of not a great deal punctuated by gigs and birthdays. […]

Remember remember the… well, just November really.

Sunset over Castleford, Manchester. As per usual I’ve been pretty slack on the updates of Andresworld of late but despite being unemployed I find myself quite busy [okay you can pick yourselves off of the floor now, its not that funny]. So come with me back in time to rediscover November… doo dee doo doo, […]

Super Star DJs… Here We Go!

Okay, so I was able to disappear off to Manchester at the start of this week on the proviso that it would improve my career prospects, and wasn’t just a jolly like last time. It turned out to be about half right… Pablo’s Finest Hour As you may or may not know, all of October […]