Raglan, Waitomo Caves, Hahei, Cathedral Cove and Maketu: Photos


Hello again, after a little hunting I found a cheaper place to upload some photos for yall. Today I’ve been whiet water rafting which was fab

White Water Rafting

thats me at teh front grimacing as we went down the largest drop. Well fun.


Me over looking Auckland on the top of a Pa – a Mauri fortress

View from my room in Raglan

Me down the flying fox in Raglan

Group after a long walk, inc Henrik Michelle Angela Dan and Myself

Kicking back in a Hammock

Subtropical vegetation of New Zealand

The rooms at Raglan, inc nice garden

Sign post to england

The rope course at Raglan

Go slow. Glowworms Ahead!

Video going down the flying fox [large file]

Waitomo Caves

Group shot while walking around Waitomo Caves

River at Waitomo

The country side

Me being a poser whilst hiking

Me and Dan on the walk

Angora Rabbit before hair cut

Angora Rabbit after haircut


Sunset at Hahei

Getting a little wet on teh way to hot water beach

So called because you can dig a hole in the sand and hot water will fill it…. like so.

Me and the girlies at Hot Water Beach

Big Steaming Pool

Group shot of everyone who went to the beach

Walk to Cathedral Cove

Scenic Shot

Scenic Shot

Cathedral Cove Beach Cave

Dancing on the beach

Dan after Kayaking

In the cave….

Me and dan goin for a dip

Having a swim in the sea

Maketu and Uncle Boys

Hugging a native tree which i cant remember the name of but is getting really rare

Sunset at Maketu

Me and the guys doing the haka

Me doing the haka [but freaky double exposure shot]

Haka grimace shot

Girls doing pois

More girls doing pois

That ladies and gents is just about it for now, however hopefulyy shud get some more of Rotorua up there pretty soon and you’ll be able to see the Tui hat that we won, i mean bought for $45 but cam with 10 free pints – bargain. Just to keep you amused here is some hat trivia…

1. When was the Tui beer established?

2. What is the material composition of the Tui hat?

3. Where was the Tui hat made?

4. What colour is the bird that is part of the Tui emblem which is on the Tui hat?

Did you know?

A tui hat can also double as

1. A frisby

2. A flannel for washing small children or pets

3. A muff warmer

Thank you all, I’ve been Andrew Jackson, good bye and good night.

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