DJ Peroxide

So I was clearing out my room for the big move down to London and I came across a stack of CD-Rs which I had to choose what to do with. Not having the heart to lob away three years worth of what is effectively a daily sound track to The Andrew Jackson Show, I […]

Derby County Pitch Invasion

Pitch invasion at full time after Derby County lost 4 – 0 to Reading in the last day of the season of their record breaking year in the Premiership. If you look closely you can actually see that the premeditated effort of a ‘Pitch Invasion Conga’ working its way past the majority of the stewards […]

Living for the weekend

He lives for the weekend That’s what its all about these days apparently, in the real world [god, I hate that phrase]. So that’s what I’ve been doing… and so has Claudio, evidently. Album cover of the forthcoming Pablo’s Finest Hour EP I don’t know how she does it, it could quite possibly be a […]