Matt and Kim – Yea Yeah

Just managed to catch these guys perform an amazing set at the Ocean Rooms. Almost completely missed them as I saw the band downstairs! Recorded live at The Great Escape 2008, Brighton. Formats available:Microsoft Video (.avi)

The Black Lips – Sound Check

In their own words, like true proffesionals, the little jam before teh gig got underway. Recorded at Barfly, Brighton for The Great Escape 2008 Formats available:Microsoft Video (.avi)

Hot Club de Paris – Shipwreck

Playing live at Horatio’s Bar, Brighton, as a part of The Great Escape 2008. This tune was part of the only encore I saw all weekend. Formats available:Microsoft Video (.avi)

The Great Escape 2008: Day 2

So after the excesses of the night before its a wonder I managed to get up the following day. Maybe, it was all that kip I caught against that pillar. Today was Talk day, lots of talks, where I could look very interested, maybe even voice an opinion, but because I am no one important […]

Late of the Pier – Broken

The opening track from Late of the Pier's live set at The Great Escape 2008, Brighton. Recorded at Audio (downstairs). And because I didn't say it then… YOU'RE NOT FROM NOTTINGHAM YOU'RE FROM DONNO! Formats available:Microsoft Video (.avi)

Musicians vs Music Journalists vs Willy

Pete's rendition of a love song team Darkhorses were asked to read given their on par performance with the musicians team (feat. non other than Mark from the Levellers – whoot) and the music journalists team. Darkhorses went on to finish in second place just half a point behind the music journo, but bless they […]

The Great Escape 2008: Day 1

So this is the first of my posts rounding up my long weekend at The Great Escape 2008 festival, held from May 15th to May 17th. I don’t profess to be a music blogger (well, actually I do, but not in the conventional guise), so I’ll keep things short and sweet mixing up my post […]

Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Vampire Weekend live at the Great Escape 2008, Brighton. Recorded at Concorde 2. Apologies about the sound, if you fancy something better then MTV were recording the set too (like you know I dooooo). Formats available:Microsoft Video (.avi), Flash Video (.flv)