Kids! [well, kids and slightly older kids, and possibly those who have kids, and even those who have kids that have kids. But not goats.]


Erm just updating you with a few dates in ye olde travelling plans. Just a few minor changes….

1.Remaining stay in Auckland until Friday 26th March, then i fly to Melbourne and meet Scot – yey.

2.My stay in Oz currently stands at one whole month and i fly to singapore on april 26th.

3.I’ll then doss about for a couple of weeks, first of all flying up to Bangkok and dilly dallying there for a while possibly going into Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China.

4.Then back off to bangkok and onto singapore on may 13th, thru malaysia on a cushty tour until sat 29th May, fly on the sunday, and back in good ole manchester, like, at 7 on the morning of June 1st.

Yes it does mean i miss the whole of easter, and yes it does mean my easter egg count will be very low this year. However, for all u caring people out there, it does mean u can still buy an easter egg, but after easter at discount prices – cos i’m nice like that. And yes, sorry stu, I will miss the Less Than Jake gig in May. I’ll also miss my bday at home which I’m sure Tim is jubilated to hear about becos i’m sure he ‘cudnt be arsed’ anyway, especially since he would have only left home the week before.

I know its all on the tips of ure tongues, but have no fear. This years easter/spring dreFEST [my bday] will be replaced with an even bigger and better Summer dreFEST some time, well…… this summer probably.

Unless it rains; in which case it’ll probably still go on like it has done every other year it has rained.

And i might get depressed and moody, and if it gets really bad possibly kick Ruth. Sorry.

I think i’m wandering slightly off the point so I’ll just quit while I’m ahead… or at least not so far behind.



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