Fraser Island, Bargara, Dingo and Airlie Beach

Dear All

Well have done Fraser Island now. It was a good trip, although it was only for 2 days and 1 night but then thats because of the oz exp time tabling. It was really cool, saw some wild dingos, swam in some super fresh lakes – inc one which had a pH of 4.5 – just thought I’d say that to all u chemists out there. Scot did some crazy stunts off sand dunes, we both tried a bit of sand dune boarding. We ate like kings – absaloutely stuffed ourselves on the buffet style lunch and dinner [on the same day – was feeling well fat]. The latter included sausages, chicken wings, t-bone steaks, chips and salad – well nice. We went on a few walks around the place, saw some multi-coloured sands and went onto the only bit of rock on the island. For those of you who dont know, Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is about half way up the east coast of Australia. It is so called because some geeza [Mr. Fraser] got ship wrecked on it and captured by aboriginals, they subsequently sent out for help – and because we Brits are so nice we sent a loada red coats up the coast and shot all the natives. Long live the empire… and all that.

Anyway. Since leaving Hervey Bay we travelled up to Bargara where I didnt really do much at all except watch some movie about the prelude to Vietnam, which was faintly reminiscient of the current situation in Iraq. It was a nice joint but had to rent blumin cutlery and crockery which i thought was a bit off. Next stop was Dingo which was pretty mad, both myself and scot absaloutely stuffed ourselves on the dinner – i managed two mains and two desserts wheres as Scot managed another 2 desserts. It was steak and stuff and bread and butter for pudding -but the latter wasnt very nice. Not nearly as good as my mums so I just ate the custard. We all had a bit of a boogie after some card playing. We won the tug of war and did some line dancing – scot got well into that. Scot retired to wander around in pain because of his over stretched stomach – I was happy to jiggle at the edge of the dancing party and politely excrete bodily gasses where no one would suffer.

Since then we’ve done a lot of driving, too much driving in fact and am now in Airlie Beach – the gateway to the Whitsundays. Except I’m not going to the whitsundays and it was absaloutely bucketing it down. I’ve been told the weather is nice back home – its is here, but with just a lot of rain. Anyhow I’m not here for long. Me and scot are going our seperate ways for a few days; I’m gonna trundle off to Mission Beach for a couple of days and try and get to Cairns early to do some Diving on the Great Barrier Reef, Scot is going to stop in Townsville to check out the Kite Surfing and see some relatives. Nevertheless we’ll meet up on the 30th, when I shall no doubtedly be ‘giving it some’ then its chill time on the saturday, fly to melbourne on the 2nd and off to singapore on the 3rd then bangkok on the 4th – a lot of miles eh?

Will get piccys up either in Cairns or Melbourne.



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