Blue Mountains, Bingara, Byron Bay, Brisbane and Mooloolaba

Dear all

Its been 11 days since the last post so let me think




Righty. Blue Mountains. Well nice, just look at teh photos, self explanatory really at the end of the day. Got to see some nice scenery and lots of ozzy animals.

After that I spend a few days in Bondi and and one in Manly before boarding the bus again to make my way up north. First stop was the warrum bungles national park where the second world championship of spoons was held. This time though the number of players was stretched to 15, I got knocked out half way but Scot pulled through to win the golden spoon of the WNPSC winner.

The next day was spent on the coach but on the way up to Bingara, a right horsey place. Me, scot and cam did some swimming in the river and the following morning they went on the horseys for a ride, i stayed in bed. Which was nice. After bingara we went up to byron bay which was ace. We spent two mad nights in Byron bay. The first of which i bumped into Lauren and Eve who I last saw in the cook islands. I won a couple of competitions at the local club “cheeky monkeys”. The first was for being the first guy on stage wearing a bra correctly, I got a jug of beer for that. The second compo required my to collect various peices of mens and womens underwear – as you do. I was teamed up with this other lass called steph – she got the bras and i got the boxers [all two of em but they scored double points]. Luckily the guy i sat next to on the coach [joel] was kind enough to contribute a pair. We won in the end with 11 points, the prize being $140 off a two day three night fraser island package, unfortunately it departed rainbow beach where i wasnt going and took to long, so in the end i sold it to stephs mate for 100 bucks. Not bad for a nights work eh?

However the madnedd continuyed when me and some pals decided to walk to the light house – it didnt look to far away. It’d be nice to watch dawn from Oz’s most easterly point. I say it’d be nice, it’d be nice if it ddint take 3 hours to get there and back. We got lost in the dark in some camp site but fortunately some nice pommy campers gave us their map and pointed us in the right direction at 4:30 in the morning.

The next day was a little less raucus, i tried to catch up on some sleep. I did some body boarding, bumped into Ellie who I last saw on the tongariro pass in new zealand [as u do], hung about booked a fraser island pass abd scabbed some free BBQ from cheeky monkeys -which wasnt dam bad considering it was free.

Since then I have travelled on to Brisbane where I was given the grand tour my Janh, I smashing geeza who I spent a little time with on the train from Miami to LA. He gaves us a local insight into brisbane, including all the sites, old buildings, good views, ferry, bell tower and pubs. That evening we went to a quiz night [well the last round of one] but we [me scot and ian – chap from bingara] were all so knackered from byron we had to call it a day. The following day we went up to Mooloolaba, past the “crikey bugger me steve irwin” australia zoo. I didnt go in, instead be and scot bought some picnic stuff and had lunch up in the mountains. Any now i am in Hervey Bay, the boarding point for Fraser Island, I’ll be here for a few days before zooming onwards to Cairns.

I’ll try and get some photos to u all when I get back to melbourne, plus i think stu has some of the geezas back home when he went back for easter, he would like to share with others



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