Dear All

Well first off I’d just like to point out what a small world it is.

In Melbourne I caught up with Vicky and Gemma, two girls who both went to Leeds uni who I met 4/5 weeks earlier in the cook islands.

In Sydney I tracked down Ian and Lindsey, [in order to get the hat] a couple who I had been with during the first half of my travel in NZ on the Stray bus network.

In Byron Bay I had a double wammy, on my first night after a very quick check in i was racing towards the shower when I heard “Andrew!!!” I turned round and there was Lauren and Eve, two girls I had met in the Cook Islands some 6 weeks previous [at teh same time as Vicky and Gemma].

Also in Byron Bay after doing some body boarding on the beach I was taking my board back to the hostel when Ellie casually walked across the road. She was a girl which i walked most of teh Tongariro Pass chatting with, I also did a sky dive at the same time as her, except she was in the plane before me.

On my birthday night out in Cairns, I’d just come down the stairs from eating a very nice t bone steak when before my eyes were Jennie and CLaire, two sisters who I had done alot of new zealand with but we’d gone our seperate ways at the Skotel resort at the base of mount Ruapahue. We shared a drink or two and then they ere off….

Yesterday, while i was in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, the home of the bridge over the river kwai, i was walking down the road in the dark when some one from the other side of teh road shouted my name. I went over, recognised one of the faces but coulnt recollect a name. Then they told me, it was Lesley from way back in New Zealand, a girl who had actually jumped out the same plane as me in Taupo when I did my skydive – also one to say i was bricking it. We’d not seen eachother in like 2 months!

Finally today, while i was looking at the possibl the laziest mutha budha on the planet [the reclining budha of Wat Pho] I bumped into a couple of scouse girls who I’d last seen in Byron Bay/Brisbane.

Its a very very small world indeed.

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