Dear all,

I’m back in Melbourne again, unfortunately this time without Scot. And its cold.

The last few days have been good. On friday i treated myself to a snorkelling and SCUBA trip to the great barrier reef, which was nice. The corals are absaloutely tremendous and the fish and animal life is unbelievable. I had a really good time, which continued when I got back, and me and Scot went out for a big one that Friday night. I had a really nice steak -as u would expect from australia, and did a little boogying on the dancefloor.

My day on the reef and subsequent night out can be summarised in the following photographs:

The Diving

The Boomnetting

The Cake

The Dancing

The Contemplation

The Kebab

I’m off to Singapore tommorrow and then Bangkok the day after that. I might buy a suit.



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