Dear All

Rarotonga is great! Such a lovely contrast from tahiti. Over the last couple of days i’ve been up to a thing or to. When I arrived on sunday it was a bit of a dead day and didnt really do much. Monday I sorted a few things out as I said previously. IN the evening we went to the RSA club, havent got a clue what that means. It was pretty dead and then they shipped in two lots from Vara’s where I am staying, and a load from rarotonga backpackers. The place was buzzing after that, took a while for people to start dancing but once i hit the dancefloor there was nothing stopping me. No need to say when i woke up in the morning i was getting horrid flash backs “i really dance like that…no i didnt do that! Did I?”. Needless to say no other white guy was any comparison to my amazing dance skills, picked up a few tips from my time in the carribean, you know. Anyhow, after that ended up going back to some local’s house with steve – a devonshire dairy farmer – ooooh arrrrr! That was mad. Got back in around 6 am.

YEsterday, as you can imagine was of course a little dead for me. Didnt really do much other than eat a baggete and butter, then go for a walk around the beach. Had an ealry night cos i was up around 8 am this morning becos i’ve got some mopeds. Hired one for 7 days for around 40 quid which is bargain. Then had to go to the police station [with no liscence] to take a test to get my licsence. I’m waiting for it to be developed right now, the test was pretty easy, literally just pan it round the block, left, left, left. It’ll make a good souvenier tho.

I’ve gotta get back to Vara’s now, some people from the hostel [jim, jamie, gemma, and fiona to be exact] are going on a two tank dive, not sure what teh viz is gonna be like cos its pretty overcast today, should be good tho. Outside the lagoons surrounding the island is a just a shear cliff of coral which should look spectacular. Pretty good value for money aswell, only around 40 quid for a two tank, may even treat myself to another….

Gotta dash now, must pikc up my liscence then its a 15 min drive back to teh hostel. I’ll write soon


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