Ladies and Gents,

Well miami has its bad points, like cats on leashes, people carrying their dogs around town, poodles with a more expensive [and probably better] haircut than myself, and the fact that everyone talks bloody spansish!

However there are a number of pluses. ITS BLUMIN AMAZING!!! I’m getting abuzz from this city which I’ve only felt at places like glastonbury before. Theres so much cracking off, a bit of a contrast to Tobago I’ll tell you that. ANyhow, let me take you back to yesterday. doo doo doo doo [a la scooby doo].

Yesterday lunch the BRT took me and Sylvia out to lunch which was nice. They asked me for my opinions, I spoke my mind, they were grateful. ANyhow after that I went to the airport where I shared a beer with owen and said goodbye to everyone. NOw Ralph [Ex Major General], bless him, was kind enough to rearrange his flight to Tobago so that he could pick me up that evening and drop me off at the airport the following morning at 7am. So you can imagine that I was a little guilty when i kept him waiting an hour becos my flight was delayed. Nevertheless he didnt seem too bothered and even treated me to my last buss up shut for a loooonnng time. I felt supremely stuffed after that becos i had had quite a late lunch with the BRT. I went to bed nice and early, even tho I ended up reading till late. Had a lovely early start at 6 in the morning which again took the mich because my flight was delayed from 9.05 to 10.30, so i sat in the departure lounge for two and a half hours with not a lot to do. [see pic].

My flight was about 4 hours long, and i even got a cheese sarnie. Got to watch some film with jamie lee curtis in called freaky friday – nice little disney number. Once i was in the airport it took me ages to get out becos they send me thru the agriculture immigration thingy which was silly. There were big signs everywhere saying “dont spread foot and mouth”. Maybe they’re thinking that becos britian went bSE -> F&M then maybe the same may happen to them.

To cut a short story even shorter i got a taxi to the amtrak station to double check my ticket was all cool, and then got a bus to Miami Beach [took blumin an hour and a half, trafic works]. After i got out my bus I wandered around lincoln road anad washingtopn avenue like a lost rabbit for a bit but then found the hostel.

I’ve done a bit of wandering around and found break dancers

I’ve bouth some enw headphones cos that sort of thing is dead cheap here. Anyhow less of that. Miami is such a vibrant place. There seems to be so much going on, theres people form all over the world here, more americans than i thought [tourists not residents] but i presume thats becos here the temperatures are late twenties and not near freezing like the rest of the states. Theres so much money floating around the place; when i was on the bus i went past some boats – a lot of them flying the british cayman islands flag, from georgetown, and by gum they were massive like the size of my house, I couldnt beleive it. The city is quite nice as well, well at least the art deco section where my hostel is. When i think art deco i think of that horrible bus station we have in derby, but here its well nice, they paint things big bold colours like…. pink!

Family and female friends close ure eyes now. The women, my GOD!!! There is so much totty its unbeleivable, whats more becos its warm out here they dont mind showing it off either, all tanned, wearing not a lot, its enough to send a young man MAD. The men, well I cant comment, but i tell you one thing theres loads of people who bat for the other side if you no what i mean. Cant miss em in tight white t-shirts and such, bit like james murray on a night out ;-). NOt that i have a problem with people who play for the other side, just as long as they know that I’m firmly on the opposing half.

Anyhow i better dash soon, I need to find some people to hang with, there doesnt seem to be anyone in the hostel just hanging around – probably cos theres so much to do and see. I want to go out clubbin but i’m not sure what the 18/21 rules are – am i gonna get rubber stamped or somat. Theres loads of good hous emusic about, next month they have a big festival thing with the chems, paul oken fold, tiesto and pete tong – to name but a few. They even have a BED – that club in sheffield, any queries I’m sure Sylvia will tell u how amazing it is.

Until next time, which will probably be wednesday when I;m in LA [i promise lots of pictures of train stations – snooor], goodbye.


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