Spotify Mix Sets

Spotify is brilliant.

They recently launched a mobile service which allows premium subscribers to transfer and listen (offline) to music on their Android phone or iPhone. Well worth £10 a month if you regularly listen to music on an iPod or your mobile phone and ad free listening on your PC/Mac.

I will make that move to Spotify’s premium offering at some stage, but not until I think I’m going to get some serious listening done on my iPhone. Until that point I need to maximise my listening and minimise the suitopia adverts for those heads-down times at work – that’s why I’ve started a collaborative playlist of mix sets.

Spotify has millions of tracks online and many of them are continuous gapless mixsets which won’t be interrupted by ads in those times of concentration. So why not load up Spotify and see what you can find and add them to my Spotify Mix Set playlist.

Currently on the list is a 10th anniversary sets from Finger Lickin’ records (Plump DJs, Krafty Kuts) and Daft Punk’s Alive 1997 – the first live album from the Parisian electro duo.

One thought on “Spotify Mix Sets

  1. Good list! I listen to hours of music every day and sometimes just want to bang something on where I know it will be new and good. Nice idea – thanks.

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