Just another night in Clapham

Police corden off a long length of Clapham High Street southbound in the vicinity of a 24 hour chemist where someone was rumoured to have been stabbed.

This greeted me outside Clapham North station along with a sign advising extra care with mobile phones and personal belongings as youths in the area had been snatching them from peoples hands whilst they were making calls.

4 thoughts on “Just another night in Clapham

  1. Hey,

    If you find out what happened, can you post an addition page, I also walked by this last night, asked the cops if it was possibly gang related but they didn’t comment. Can’t seem to find anything else on the web about it.


  2. One of the street people stabbed another six times in the neck in the corner shop. Under the bridge turf warfare but not gang related.

  3. The article from that link is 2007!

    Also interested if anyone has any other details – right around the corner from my place so would be good to know!

    Cheers, S

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