Creating a festival playlist on Spotify using python

The problem: You’re going to a festival with more bands than you could ever hope to see. You need a playlist with songs of all the bands playing so you can decide what to go and see and what to give a miss. The solution: From a list of the artists, query the Spotify Search API […]

Great Escape 2013 Spotify Playlist

What better way to test my new acquired Python skills than to knock up a script that will give me the top five tracks from Spotify of each artist playing at this years Great Escape festival in Brighton. And what better way to share the fruits of my labour than giving Spotify’s playlist embed code […]

BBC Live Sessions

I launched Spotify this morning to find some of the latest additions included some BBC Live Sessions. I’m currently listening to The Specials at the Paris Theatre on 15 December 1979, and as I discovered with The Clash’s Concert Vault recording from earlier this week, the best bits of these recordings is the lecturing from […]

TV → Google → Spotify

Its times like just now when I really love the internet. Watched the O2 Cash Manager Advert. Googled for the advert, first hit gives me Opened Spotify and listened to full track featured on the ad, I’ve Got Your Number by Passion Pit. 30 seconds. Done.

Spotify Mix Sets

Spotify is brilliant. They recently launched a mobile service which allows premium subscribers to transfer and listen (offline) to music on their Android phone or iPhone. Well worth £10 a month if you regularly listen to music on an iPod or your mobile phone and ad free listening on your PC/Mac. I will make that […]