Living for the weekend

He lives for the weekend

That’s what its all about these days apparently, in the real world [god, I hate that phrase]. So that’s what I’ve been doing… and so has Claudio, evidently.

Album cover of the forthcoming Pablo’s Finest Hour EP

I don’t know how she does it, it could quite possibly be a heart of gold, although that’d be difficult to run with, but Hannah has pledged to raise lots of money for Oxfam this year. Possibly £2000, but don’t hold me to that… I’d had a lot to drink alright!?

As one part of her master plan to raise the cash (other part’s being playing gigs, running the London marathon and holding fashion shows) Hannah held a rather lovely charity dinner. And may I just add, that despite the pretentious qualities it may have, it sounds great to be wearing a tux and say ‘oh, I’m off to a charity dinner’.

It was cooked superbly, compliments to the chef and all, and it was for twelve people – which is a pretty daunting task. Well played Hannah, and a self-assuring pat on the back for all those who attended to help a good cause. You can still sponsor Hannah here at


Cocktail Party Shenanigans

But alas, I couldn’t be content with just one social event in one evening. Cometh the midnight hour (and the snow) it was time to move on. Off to Briony and Jen’s fantastic new flat (way better than Claudio and Vish’s but don’t tell them that) for a cocktail party which was pretty much in full swing when I arrived – I say pretty much, that’s because no one had had a Mojito yet…

Big thanks to Jen and Briony for hosting the bash, it was good to see some old faces again. And may Dan, Lizzie, Claudio and Vish’s gut rot be a lesson to your all – kebab’s at 5am are bound to a bad idea.

|Video – The Secret of a Moj-ito|

The afternoon after the night before

Last weekend it was off down to Brighton for Vanessa’s 23rd birthday bash. Cat and I had turned up a little hungover from our respective Friday night’s – but nothing a cuppa tea and a slice ‘ut cake can’t solve (and maybe some diet coke, and some drugs). By which time we’d collected Hannah from the station and Vanessa had finished work (on a Saturday! it should be made illegal).

It was quite a refreshing change to go out with no end goal of ‘the club’. Too often a great night catching up with friends is spoilt because of some nonsensical overpowering urge to move a conversation into an entirely inaudible environment. Fortunately this night was not one of those, and Brighton’s late night pubs and bars were more than happy to help.

It was great to see everyone and get to know some characters I’d heard of from Brightonian stories of Vanessa’s and Claudio’s. Thanks to Vanessa for getting it organised and looking after us – and Happy Birthday!

|Videos – coming soon|

All the crusties came out to play

In other news, my Dad, Willy, and I went down to London for the night a while back, for the Levellers 20th Anniversary Tour gig at Brixton Academy.

And it was AMAZING!

|Video: The Levellers – England My Home|
|Video: Dreadzone – Elevate|
|Video: Alabama 3|

One thought on “Living for the weekend

  1. That was a great little post Andy! I suppose the weekend just gone was your first one off in a few weeks?

    I think ‘Living for the weekend’ is slightly unfair to yourself – it’s not the traditional sense of counting down the hours til 5.00 on Friday, then out on the piss, hungover Saturday, bigger night out, barely move on Sunday. You’re making the most of the time you’ve got and not sitting at home in the middle of nowhere getting bored. Or playing computer games with geeks online. That would be sad.

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