Jus†ice, Rock City, Nottingham

Masters at Work Alt+0134 before you ask. So I’d seen the Parisian duo DJ at Sankeys last year and it blew my socks off, as well as left me with some permanent hearing damage. But what would they be like 8 months on in concert, playing their own stuff at a venue usually reserved for […]

Are Derby County still a football club?

An article by Barney Ronay from The Guardian Sports blog. It seems brilliantly apt that the faceless US financial organisation that bought Derby County this week is called General Sports and Entertainment. This is, after all, a perfectly hedged description of Derby’s season so far. It’s as though some consumer standards commissar at the EU […]

Back once again…*

Right, I promise (myself mainly) to be a bit more up too date with these updates (its all in the name I suppose). So, what have the past 2-3 months had to offer. Well, as far as updates are concerned its been a dozen weeks of not a great deal punctuated by gigs and birthdays. […]

Remember remember the… well, just November really.

Sunset over Castleford, Manchester. As per usual I’ve been pretty slack on the updates of Andresworld of late but despite being unemployed I find myself quite busy [okay you can pick yourselves off of the floor now, its not that funny]. So come with me back in time to rediscover November… doo dee doo doo, […]

So that was summer…

Well I think we’re all agreed that Summer 2007 has been pretty crap. No denying it really but what with the combination of rain, flooding, lack of sun and the massive downer that is graduating [for me at least] it hasn’t been fun. However there have been a couple of notable exceptions. In July I […]

Busy busy busy

Well, apologies for the lack of posts recently. Since handing in dissertation/birthday there was more revelry followed by exams followed by more revelry followed by moving out of Manchester. And in that time I managed to go to Rockness up in Inverness, Glastonbury Festival down in Pilton and graduate back in Manchester. So here we […]

Good Friday


Glastonbury 2007

The ticketman: Will Butler Congratulations to everyone that got Glastonbury tickets, commiserations to those who did not. To those of you that engaged in a rather frantic MSN conversation with me then you need to know that Will Butler was in fact the star of the show and was processing all your details at Glasto-Ticket-Wales-recycling-plant […]

Stu’s 22nd Birthday

Just got back from my 24 hour flying trip to Cardiff to celebrate Stu’s Birthday. Generally fun had by all and at last met the legendary Geoff/Jeff. Photos here, and a video and rant of Xpress Radio’s [Cardiff Uni Student Radio Station] launch party here. What do you get if you take a number of […]