Derby County Pitch Invasion

Pitch invasion at full time after Derby County lost 4 – 0 to Reading in the last day of the season of their record breaking year in the Premiership.

If you look closely you can actually see that the premeditated effort of a ‘Pitch Invasion Conga’ working its way past the majority of the stewards (and the two police dogs, “you’ve only got two dogs, TWO DOGS!”) a few minutes before the end of time. As you can see, most of the fans had stopped watching the football a long time beforehand.

The conga breaks rank past the stewards and the floodgates open.

By this point the stewards knew there was no going back. They formed a line between the tunnel and the corner to block off the away fans. Fans start to casually walk onto the pitch from the corner and the rest of the stadium.

Needless to say the players didn’t come on and do a ‘lap of honour’. Many of this lot were here for some time to come after the end of the match, as could be heard in the background of the post-match analysis on BBC Radio Derby.

NB The loyal steward still holding his position in the foreground despite the fact that there were probably more fans behind him than in front of him.

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