A Week At Radio 1

First off a big thanks to Colin Murray, Jimmy Devlin and Deirdre [spell?] for having me shadow them this week. They were really fun guys to work with and I really enjoyed my time with them.

Secondly, thanks to Neil Sloan for organising it all and for supervising Dan and I when we were let loose in the Radio 1 studio. He proved that you really can ‘polish a turd’ [as Dan so eloquently put it].

Finally, thanks to Dan for holding my hand while we did the show. He didn’t get to say as much as I’d liked, it wasn’t quite my usual wandering banter between me and him, but it was comforting to just be able to stare at his perplexed face during links and to shout at him when it all went wrong.

In case I haven’t forced it down your gullet already Dan and I did were on BBC Radio 1 and did the Early Breakfast show from 4:30am till 7am. You can still listen again by following this link. But hurry it’ll only be up there until the 27th April!

What have I got to show you of my five days? Well there are some photos, a video of Dan and I pratting about in the studio and an egotistic selection of links to various articles about me in the local press, and two audio clips of me on BBC Radio Derby [here and here]. What can I say?

Oooo and of course. Big thanks to all of you who got up at silly o’clock and listened to the show. Thanks for your texts, I really appreciate your comments.

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