When you just have to google until you find out…

Right, I should be finishing off my dissertation but…

Had a bit of a blog binge last night and picked up the Phones remix of Roxy Music – Editions of You [fluokids]. I’ve been listening to it over again this morning and found the fuzzy riff in it was distinctively familiar. After a round about flick through The Prodigy’s latest album, and then through the unofficial remix album I came across You Will Be Under My Satanic Wheels (Act Of Dog) which is a mash up between The Prodigy – You’ll Be Under My Wheels and, of course, Orbital – Satan, and hence found that familiar fuzzy riff.

A quick google to see if Orbital had sampled Roxy Music didn’t turn up anything. Of course I don’t know the original Roxy Music track, I’m only assuming Paul Epworth did a similar thing with a sample that might be from it. Alternatively there’s some subconscious fuzzy riff thing going on in Paul’s head and he just came up with something every similar.

Any thoughts?

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