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Well we’re getting there. Slowly but surely we are getting there. Did I just use the royal ‘we’? #shrugs shoulders# Either way I am slowly transferring the files from the old site to their folders on the new site. That does mean, however, that anyone who doesn’t know to come here will be getting a large collection of 404s.

Of course I didn’t get anywhere today with out my dose of trouble. Its been hot, very hot. Especially in my room in Manchester with large bay windows that catch a lot of the afternoon sun. As a consequence my PC likes to crash. I installed a new fan in it a few weeks back when I was having similar problems and that seemed to do the trick, but today must have just been too much. I installed a nice bit of freeware called Mother Board Monitor available for download from http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=311 which tells me temperatures of things and stuff. My CPU was running at 74 degrees celsius which caused MBM to make lots of bleepy noises so I’m assuming thats a bad thing. I’ve since taken the side off and the CPU temp has cooled to 62 degrees and the case temp has dropped from 37 to 32. What I did notice with this utility was that when doing CPU intensive work like resizing JPGs it is unadvisable to do it at 74 degrees because when your CPU hits 75 your going to get some lovely BSODs [blue screen of death for non geeky types].

Anyways. The Uni galleries are up and you can access them by just clicking the uni link in the main menu. The galleries are sorted into date descending order so the most recent ones are first – unlike the travel galleries which show the early galleries first. I think thats the best way.

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