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Well this evening I’ve mainly been working on the travel section of the site. First off I decided to back up my travel blog which will now become redundant with the introduction of the my life of travel rss to html script which turns what I write on my life of travel into an updated page on the travel section. I’ve saved all the old blog and converted it to the new styleand copied it over to a new location on the revamp site. You can view the old blog under travel blog archive from the travel section. There’s a few interesting bits and bobs in there including my ramblings from last years eastern europe trip and a smattering of posts during the latter half of my gap year trip. Currently the links to the different months have been geared to when the site switches over, so if you do want to view any of the other past months before the switch then when you get the 404 just whack ‘/revamp’ in between and /travel and you’ll get there.

Secondly I’ve transferred all my eastern europe trip photos over to the new gallery system. It was a little easier this time round than with my Gap Year photos as I knew what the problems would be straight off. Also the pics were just in one folder and not sorted by day as with my old camera. This meant I just started from scratch when creating folders for the countries and cities. I’ve decided to keep to the Trip -> Country -> City scheme of things just for continuity between the two travel galleries even though some countries only have one city or locations within them.

The blog section was completed last night as well and I posted a quick one about the world cup just to get the ball rolling [and to stop my ‘now listening to’ div straying across the side of the page]. Keep an eye on it, the plan is to keep this frontpage as merely an informative index to updates on the site and then insightful ramblings will take place on the blog, although I’m not going to post on this blog everytime i post on the blog. That would be just silly.

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