The Truly Penultimate Show

The Andrew Jackson Show is here for its penultimate show… for ever! But boy have we got a rammed show for you today [I don’t know how we’re going to fit it in]. This week’s topic as some of you may have heard at the end of last week’s show is man crushes. That form of endearment by one heterosexual male to another which goes beyond the normal amount of attentiveness one would consider of any other platonic relationship. As well as:

# A chat with a policeman. We’re not quite sure what about yet, possibly crime. Or maybe paedophiles.
# A chat with the people from People and Planet.
# In the studio live: PABLO’S FINEST HOUR
# Pete Jackson’s band of the week: has he been fooling more unwitting bands into thinking he is a famous A&R man?
# Dan’s intros: when will I ever beat the audience?
# The Battle Track: new this broadcast, we end each show with a classic track chosen by you!

Only one more after this. Aargh!

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