No more skinny jeans?

Last night I had a rather impromptu engagement with The Maccabees. No not the Jewish Rebels but rather that five-piece from south London. It was the usual story, a friend trying to get rid of a spare ticket and rather than tout it offers it up to a list of appropriately ‘trendy’ peers. Why the text message ended up in my inbox is still unknown. Despite having the Anablogue radio show until 10pm I took James Dave up on the offer and through a combination of speedy Finglands buses and a rather sorry attempt at running I got to the Night and Day after only missing a couple of songs.

The Maccabees were excellent of course, a tight outfit who reeled off all of my favourites: X-Ray, Latchmere, Colour It In, and First Love. However, I did notice a couple of things that were different from bands of late. First off there were five of them; a drummer, bassist, lead vocalist and TWO guitarists. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure that’s pretty novel given bands of late.

The Young Knives: 3
The Holloways: 4
Larrikin Love: 4
Little Man Tate : 4
The Rakes: 4
The Wombats: 3
The Futureheads: 4
Bloc Party: 4

With a few notable exceptions being Maximo Park and The Long Blondes. And because of this I think the Maccabees are able to deliver a unique and much richer melodic sound. Secondly, their fashion sense is not the same brand of moppy-haired skinny-jeaned tight-t-shirt variety, and for that Maccabees, I applaud you. Instead there is a selection of chequered shirts, hoodies, and oddly enough neck-worn key chains. That’s all I wanted to say really.

One thought on “No more skinny jeans?

  1. Oh dear Andy! Three days in and you’ve already had a bit of a slip… You’re just too busy clearly! 🙂

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