Thursday at The Great Escape 09

A quick round up of Thursday nights tinnitus inducing musical goodness.

The Males – mainly female, managed to catch their last to songs at Horatio’s. It would have been more were it not for the length of Brighton pier.

Fanfarlo – The Recommender blog postulated these guys might be the next Arcade Fire. Slow to start but got going towards the end with extra drums, horns, clarinet, xylophone and keys.

The Answering Machine – good to bump into turner to watch these boys (and girl) play. A real shame that a larger crowd couldn’t make the effort because these guys packed a very tight punch and should have deserved more. Needless to say, watch out because this indie pop 4 piece is coming your way.

The Rumble Strips – I thought I knew more Rumble Strips than I actually do. Turns out its all good though. Was good to get some horns into the evening.

The Maccabees – beyond words. Everything I expected and more. Sodden t-shirts all round. Did all the classics but no Seventeen Hands, so the t-shirt will have to be saved for another day.

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