Delegates Only

The atrium at the Thistle Hotel, we even get free tea and coffee this year, although I’m much more interested in where the man carrying a case of red stripe is going.

Initial thoughts: lots of fringe and skinny jeans, and lots of kids with delegate passes – either the super early bird bargain deal is catching on or they’re in bands. In either case I’m looking remarkably old and uncool.

First talk of the day, with Will Page and Eric garland from PRS and BigChampagne respectively, chaired by peter bazalgette. Talked about the long skinny tail of demand in the digital music markets. Turns out that illegal markets behave in very much the same way to legal ones, with most of the downloads following the big hits. Inhibitors to supply remain artists and labels that won’t release tracks digitally, eg The beatles. Inhibitors to demand are the attention cost of discovering music. Both legal and illegal channels do not allow us to ‘discover’ new music but instead just continue to spoon feed us ‘the hits’. The article has been published today available for download free from the PRS music website.

It seems to me that the future is social and there needs to be means by which people can discover rather than searching for something they’ve been directed to. Also of note was a comment from a representative of Music Ally who pointed out that in a forthcoming piece of research from them that the filesharing is decreasing -possibly as a result to users turning to easier legal methods like Spotify, but more on that tomorrow.

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