The Talented Ear/Crib Artists Debate

Look I’ve just about had it up to


with artists sampling old school songs. I know there are those that will claim it is making the music accessible when samples are used, as a fellow fusebie recently commented on Sarah Vale’s review show, but the two examples I have here are 75% the original artist!

Credit to headphonesex for highlighting this one for me. The original track is ‘Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy’ by Parvati Khan and is of course sampled [read played in the background] by MIA in her new single ‘Jimmy’. Well done love, highly original.

[edit] Okay in my fit of rage I failed to notice this actually a cover… ooops

Next up is that chappy lethal bizzle who isn’t doing a cover but is doing the crafty clash sample looped and him rapping over the top of it. And even THAT isn’t original! It was done by Cypress Hill with Guns of Brixton.

But then on the flipside someone might say to me, Police On My back was written by Eddy Grant when he was in The Equals and so even great bands like The Clash recycle and maybe this is just the modern day version of the cover version with the same artistic input. Who knows.

All I know is I’m in a rage. Its almost as bad as the day when Busted covered Teenage Kicks. But then at least I could take heart in the fact they were on Top of the Pops playing to an underage crowd a song about wanking.

Can you tell I’ve had a day filling in job applications?

What really gets me is that they have a band in the background to pretend they’re playing the sample… I’d have preferred some archive footage at least.

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